Prosopagnosia; An Interpretation

Prosopagnosia, or “face blindness”, is a condition which prohibits the individual from recognizing faces due to an issue in the anterior fusiform gyrus, and they must rely on other telling aspects of a person (like clothes, jewelry, or distinctive facial features like a mole)- this condition causes the individual possessing it to have a plethora of social difficulties, and for this project I wanted to create an art piece that portrayed the feeling of being surrounded by unknown faces, and having a person one knows through a different feature finally being recognized.

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Infants are frightfully fragile, miniature in mass, and demonstratively dependent. Their skeleton consists of an oversized skull, many starting nubs of bones, and a great deal of cartilage paired with undeveloped muscles which results in a body that provides little protection and meager mobility. I wanted to investigate their rare …


I decided to do my STEAM project on the cause and affects of Osteoporosis. I created my project to show a normal healthy femur and one that shows the effects of Osteoporosis inside of the bone. Illustrating the damage bone loss can have in severe cases, and what it would …