I did my project on the spine. Each section of the spine is a different color. I was trying to show the disc and the nerves(in the last few vertebrae). It is suppose to show herniated disc and and eroded disc and the nerves being pinch within. It is a common injury that people can have happen to them.

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  1. Sarahs project is about herniated discs in the spine between L4 and L5 vertebrae, and the erosion of discs in the spine and sacrum. Sarah chose this topic because her husband suffers from this. The art piece is a spine with herniated discs and eroded discs. From her paper I learned herniated discs are most common in patients 20-40years of age and can cause shooting pain in the lower back and sometimes legs. Herniated discs can affect reflexes, muscle strength, ability to walk, and the ability to feel touch in affected areas. Herniated discs are diagnosed using an MRI, most patients report no or little pain after six months of the first onset (Hirokota 2014). Some treatment methods include a medication regimen, injections, physical therapy, chiropractic treatment, and surgical procedure called discectomy. A discectomy is the disc that is causing pressure on the nerve root is adjusted or the disc will be removed. Technology has provided a less invasive method, a microdiscectomy, that can be done in an outpatient setting. As we age intervertebral disc undergo biological and morphological degeneration, which is a reason for discogenic lower back pain. Defenerated discs produce increased amounts of inflammatory mediators which suggest their role in degenerative process (Podichetty 2007). Laminotomy is a treatment option for eroded discs. It is a procedure that incolves a fluoroscopically guided perdutaneoud technique used through an oblique entry and the portal is put onto the lamina ensuring minimal to no damage to soft tissue. A portion of the lamina is removed (Larry et al. 2002). A procedure that can treat either of the described conditions is a spinal fusion, by way of bone grafting, metal or plastic screws/rods two or more discs are fused together and immobilized. The patient would need to be under anesthesia for a spinal fusion, the procedure does not relieve pain.

    Allison Wasuli

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