My STEAM Project is focused on the effect of eczema on the epithelial tissue in the epidermis. I wanted to create something that would be fun to look at and easy to understand, as well as informational on how eczema can affect a child’s everyday life. This piece is my way of bringing together the tissue topics we went over in class and comics.

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  1. The objective for this project was to describe in depth each type of epithelial tissue and be able to describe its function and location. This project displayed that objective through her essay and detailed comic sketch of Jessie. In Bridget’s essay, she describes each of the five layers that create the epidermis from external to internal. Stratum lucidum, found on areas of the body that require the skin to be thicker for protection such as the soles of the feet or palms of the hands. The stratum corneum is the thickest layer containing approximately 20-30 dead epithelial cells connected by keratin. Stratum granulosum is a thinner layer which contains specialized cells, keratinocytes, that produce and store keratin. The Stratum spinosum is where keratinization occurs and helps form the outer layer of the skin. This layer also contains Langerhans cells that assist our immune system by draining our lymph nodes. The deepest layer, stratum basale, contains cells that create melanin, melanocytes, and Merkel cells, which can be contributed to our sense of touch. Bridget describes how eczema is caused by a mutation in filaggrin, which decreases the proper stacking of keratin filaments. Without the appropriate function of filaggrin the stratum corneum and stratum granulosum become exposed through cracks allowing for allergens to enter, causing inflammation and irritation at the site due to our immune response. I found this project very relatable as I also have eczema, I also found that learning about what causes this condition to occur was very interesting. The research was based on multiple reliable sources and it seemed as if she put in a lot of effort into making the information easy to understand. Bridget also made the information fun to read about through her comic of Jessie and her mother discovering that she has eczema.

    Sam Bursell

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