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  1. I’m reviewing Faith Shay’s Steam Project; her project is on the three stages of Spinal Degeneration. I was unsure at first glance what her project was on because she did not title the essay or her clay art piece Spinal Degeneration. I had to read the first paragraph and compare that to her clay image in order to confirm what her project was actually about. Her essay goes over the three stages of Spinal Degeneration which include Dysfunction, Dehydration of Spinal Discs and Beginning of Spurring, and Stabilization. I was entertained by the style and tone she decided to teach each of the steps. Her approach was relatable, and she described each step in a way you can understand them. I think she could have incorporated more scientific terminology and description into her essay. I felt that the lack of scientific explanation left this as a more superficial description of Spinal Degeneration and did not dive into the microscopic process of the stages. The ending of the essay was short and abrupt and there was not a clear conclusion. Faith used clay modeling to further demonstrate the stages of spinal degeneration. I think her clay work was exact and precise on how to visually explain the three stages of degeneration. You can visually see the degeneration and her molding technique was spot on with the point she was trying to make. All in all, I think Faith did an excellent job on furthering her education on the process of Spinal Degeneration.

    Janine Hall

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