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  1. Kyle Swisher did his STEAM project on the sensory cells involved for vision. The media used for this project was two baked cakes. One represents the eye, and one represents the brain. The line you see connecting the two is the optic nerve. The frosting on the cakes made it easy to see what the main focus should be when looking at his media. The labels were also accurately placed and helped you distinguish what part of the eye or brain you were looking at. His overall presentation of this project was expertly done well and was easy to understand. I bet it tasted really yummy too.
    Reviewing Kyle’s paper also matched his hard work shown on his project. He had two credible sources listed with quotes from both. The quotes were properly used and helped me better understand his topic on sensory cells involved in vision. From what I can tell there was no spelling errors and punctuation was done correctly. The jargon used was appropriate for this level of anatomy and physiology class. Overall great work on this project.

    Jazzmin Schultz

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