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  1. The objective of this booklet is to teacher the whomever is reading about mitosis. Using a bold lettering and a simple, yet understandable, wording, Karson was easily able to give a clear presentation of what mitosis is. In her book, she goes through each step in the process of mitosis, paying close attention to the main points of each process. I also appreciated the fact that she added in the phonemic notation. Through her book, she is teaching a lesson and giving the reader the pronunciation will only aid in the learning process with her book. Karson had also put in many good sources cited, showing that she put in effort to giving the best book she could give. Her graphics were helpful and appropriate. They were accurate to her targeted audience yet also sophisticated, where an adult reading the book would have just as much fun and good understanding of the concepts as a child would. Overall, it was a lovely little read. It had great descriptions of each step of the mitotic process with enjoyable graphs to help with visualization. It was well put to together and clean in its format. Whether child, tween, teen, or adult, those who will read this will gain a great deal of knowledge on the steps and general process of mitosis.

    Jessica Whitehead

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