I decided to do my STEAM project on breast cancer and relate it to the stages of Mitosis. In the picture below is a basic anatomy of the breasts that I sketched and then colored in and blended with the James Charles eyeshadow pallet. I thought it was interesting to learn how mutations in genes can cause cancer by accelerating cell division rates or inhibiting normal controls on the system.  


  1. They did their project on breast cancer and how mitosis is in play. Their objective was the stages of mitosis. When cells mutate too fast or do not follow the correct steps of mitosis then a tumor can grow. There are five stages of mitosis, Prophase, Prometaphase, Metaphase, Anaphase, and Telophase. In their drawing, they showed the basic anatomy of a breast and then in one of them a development of a tumor. This relates to her objective as she did research and explained how the different steps of mitosis can go wrong and lead to a tumor. If a cell loses control and mutates itself can lead to new cells also being out of control. This leads to cancerous sales. They reproduce quickly and the whole system is out of control. Mutations in genes can cause cell division rates it increases or even cell death. The research was very well done. Lots of information on each step of mitosis and covered the objective completely. She used the correct sources, which allowed her paper to be well written. In conclusion, her piece had a good art piece, covered the object, and supported it with proper evidence.

    Jamie Mae Weinle

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