My topic is about how MS affects the body. It affects the central nervous system ( the brain and the spinal cord) which affects the rest of the body. I also compared and contrast the PNS and CNS. MS affects many systems of the body including the digestive, immune, skeletal, reproductive and circulatory system.  However, it does not affect the PNS like the other systems. MS attacks people usually aging from 20 to 50 and attacks females twice as much as males. MS symptoms include muscle weakness, weak reflexes and muscle spasm, difficult in move, miss-coordination and unbalance with others.

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  1. The objective of this art piece is to demonstrate the obstacles those suffering from multiple sclerosis frequently encounter. Through a diagram detailing the problematic symptoms experienced by the authors father, this piece not only lists these incurable symptoms, but also provides a view of certain key elements of the body’s physiology. Through the direct connection of the “issue” bubbles to the parts of the body they influence, one can clearly observe the areas of effect regarding Multiple Sclerosis- and through the color coding of the inner organs. This art project described conditions progressing from head to toe of the diagrammatic subject, and in the description of said art piece the author gave a brief summary of multiple sclerosis, which was highlighted in much more depth within the essay concerning this topic, as it included not only these effects but also how multiple sclerosis can lead to osteoporosis, and the personal accounts of an individual (the authors father) on how he copes with this condition. The author also touched on how multiple sclerosis has no known cure, and the need for future investment into procuring one, as the condition heavily affects those who possess it.

    Chloe DeAngelis

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