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  1. Elayne chose to base her STEAM project on endometriosis, which is a painful condition that primarily affects the uterus. She chose embroidery as her medium for the STEAM project, and it is incredibly done, as she embroidered the whole female reproductive system and labeled all the organs and parts.

    Elayne explains how endometriosis is difficult to diagnose as the pains associated with endometriosis are very similar to those of menstrual cramps. Women can go several years without a diagnosis as many general practitioners don’t take their symptoms seriously and write it off as menstrual pain. A majority of those with endometriosis are diagnosed via ultrasound.

    She also explains the various ways endometriosis can affect other parts and mechanisms of the body. This includes the fact that endometriosis can affect the person’s body mass index (BMI). This is due to the level of estrogen present. Estrogen receptors and endometriosis are closely related as endometriosis feeds off of estrogen.

    Another way endometriosis affects the body, according to Elayne, is that it affects the mesothelium, which is the tissue layer that surrounds the pelvic organs. It does this because the stroma and epithelium layer of the endometrium can adhere to the mesothelium, damaging it and exposing the extracellular matrix. This can have detrimental effects on the ability of the tissue to regain homeostasis.

    Hunter Taylor

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