My STEAM project is titled, “Prolonged Marijuana Smoke Exposure and Respiratory Health”, and it is centered around an article published by researchers that conducted an 8 week experiment on groups of mice involving marijuana inhalation. The group of researchers exposed mice to marijuana twice a day, for five days a week, over a 2 month course.  I chose this topic because I consume marijuana almost daily, and I was curious to know the possible affects that prolonged smoke exposure could have on the respiratory system. For my art project, I drew a group of mice in a cage, smoking joints, and pigging out on their favorite snacks. I hope you all enjoy the drawing as much as I do!

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  1. For the STEAM abstract, I am paired with Chandler Wassmann.

    I was excited to see her project because her OMW’s are the first I look at and she is very prompt.

    Chandler Wassmann did her STEAM project on prolonged marijuana smoke exposure and respiratory health.

    This was immediately interesting to me. Although I do not smoke, it is very informative for people of all ages to know not just about effects of marijuana, but to truthfully be informed by others about what stress does to your body, since everyone experiences stress at some point in their lives and compare it to a recreational drug that has eased stressed and anxious minds of many people close to me.

    “As the animals grew bigger all values of the pulmonary functions increased, except inhalation frequency, which decreased during maturation. Chronic stress altered the development of several lung parameters, i.e., the frequency, minute ventilation, peak inspiratory flow, time of expiration, relaxation time and tidal volume.”

    This conclusion speaks volumes to what stress does to the body and what little (I think) marijuana does to the body.

    Chandler Wassmann did a wonderful job at providing background information about how cannabis/hemp was used in ropes, clothing and paper and how it spread to the United States to become mainstreamed.

    Chandler’s drawing is extremely descriptive and detailed.
    Marijuana gives people “dry-mouth”, so the critter water feed bowl is an intricate touch.
    Marijuana also makes people hungry, or have “the munchies”, the snacks were a perfect touch.

    Each mouse has a different look, describing how different people with different personalities function after smoking marijuana.

    Great job on being very creative!!

    Darcy Hoban

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