What I was going for here was a person opening up a door to their intestines, where you can see that they have a (scotch) tapeworm in their duodenum. Tapeworms are segmented, which is represented by the visible turns in the worm following along the intestine. Tapeworms are a parasite that humans usually become infected with via under cooked meat. They primarily live within our intestines, however, the larvae can travel into the muscles. Those from pork can travel to our organs and cause serious damage or even death.

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  1. Trevon’s STEAM project is an art piece that depicts the presence of a tapeworm in the duodenum, the first part of the small intestine. Tapeworms find their way into the body through the consumption of undercooked and raw meats of infected animals. The drawing does a great job at showing just how cozy tapeworms make themselves in their hosts’ intestines and how they’re able to feed off of them from here. Though mostly in the intestines, some parasites can travel into muscles and other organs which can have serious consequences, such as internal damage or even death. Damage and other illness occurs from the tapeworm blocking the intestines, absorbing nutrients from food meant for the host, and infecting healthy organs which affects their ability to work properly.


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