I made a children’s book describing ovulation and ovarian cysts. Because it’s my art piece, it is a little more simplified than my report. I tried to show what the ovaries look like before and after the growth of cysts and how they can affect people. STEAM A&P2

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  1. The topic Emily did some research on is ovarian cysts, and the objective being tied to it is “Know the structure and function of reproductive organs”. Ovarian cysts are very common, and most women get them, but with no symptoms. From research, Emily states that this is the result of ovulation or endometriosis. Symptoms of ovarian cysts vary between people, with some showing little to no symptoms, to those experiencing extreme pain. The different symptoms include abdominal pains, vomiting, bloating, and painful intercourse. Emily provided different ways of treating the cysts, with those treatments ranging from over the counter medication to surgery. The piece accompanying the research was a children’s book, named “A Woman’s Woes”, and explains ovarian cysts. It begins talking about ovulation, and then leads into how cysts can sometimes occur, and talks about how they form. The book contains drawings and text that are simple enough for a child to read and grasp.

    Allison Cline

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