This is my STEAM project

I’ve assembled thin tubing, as if it were the filtration of air within some contraption, to represent the lymphatic system moving lymph through its tiny lymph vessels. I’ve added a T divider to help represent a filter or a lymph node. From one end of the T divider, the pathway continues to cycle within the mainline, like in the lymphatic system, but the other end is the pathway to the dust collector, which would be emptied when full. I used fish food to represent the “dust” which in turn represents whats left of bacteria when the white blood cells are done with them. Just as within the lymphatic system lymph nodes filter the lymph then what’s remaining ends up going to the urinary bladder which is later excreted from the body. Thus ending the filtration of the air in my representation as well as lymph in the human body.



  1. The work of this project was simple and not bogged down by unnecessary details. It illustrated the point that he wanted to get across without pointless complexity. It did not cause the meaning of the project to get lost trying to become awfully elaborate as I think the system being represented is rather simple. You have the route that lymph flows and T dividers to represent where turning points and points of filtration. You also have what is referred to as the “dust” representing the waste and foreign material that is broken down and exits the body. The paper was well written and helped explain precisely what is going on in the processing of toxins and wastes that are otherwise harmful to the body. The locations where the lymphocytes are produced, bone marrow for b cells and the thymus for t cells, was well covered and the organs that contributed to the overall lymphatic system were mentioned. The role of lymph nodes was documented and even a tip of how to keep healthy. It was a nice note to mention how lymph is moved through the body by movement of the muscles. Overall I like the simplicity of the presentation and think that the paper covered the lymph system really well. It was a nice review and helped solidify previously known info as well as bring to my attention a couple interesting bits that I didn’t already know. Great job on your steam project!

    Torres Wright
  2. This STEAM Project tackles the two objectives: Explain the role of the lymphatic system in the immune response and Identify the key structures of the lymphatic system

    Torres Wright

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