I created a model of fetal development through wax and dye on an egg. The top of the egg cycles through the beginning stages of pregnancy from a fertilized egg through a 2 and 4 cell stage to a 16-cell stage. The second cycle on the egg shows the development of the blastocyst and the final cycle shows the fetus from week 4 to week 20. This represents a normal pregnancy. I also separated these stages in order to compare a normal pregnancy to an ectopic pregnancy. An ectopic pregnancy typically lasts until around week 6 to 8 until it could become fatal to a mother.  This would be at the beginning of the second cycle shown on the egg. I made this distinction between the different levels (from top to bottom on the egg) to show that an ectopic pregnancy would not make it to the third level.

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  1. Objective: Describe the major steps of fetal development. Explain common disorders during pregnancy and their cause.

    Hannah used an egg and drew the first 20 weeks of pregnancy on the egg using wax. She then dyed the egg so the images will show. She used an egg as that is how life starts. She shows how the eggs divides from fertilization to 16-cell stage near the top. As you turn the egg and move down it shows the blastocyst to fetus. She is showing how ectopic pregnancies do not make it past 8 weeks generally. As you look at the egg, ectopic pregnancies do not make it to the third level due to the area that the egg implanted. Hannah’s project was very creative and I loved the details she was able to fit on the egg she used.


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