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  1. Ryan:
    After reading your paper, I found your creative interpretation drawing on the Human Steam webpage. I will admit, initially I only perceived a flat, gray pencil drawing and didn’t really “see” the depth of your own personal pain and emotion, as you watch a loved one go travel the MS journey. I have lost a family member to MS as well. I then went back to your paper and re-read it, slowly, the second time.

    I find the second half of the report, as you describe the disease process and results of demyelination, a well written, objective and factual description of Multiple Sclerosis. Certainly, a clinical explanation of the what, how and why can give a reader the general understanding of how this disease progresses. However, your explanation of your interpretive piece and why you drew it as you did, “. . . because of the dread that I felt while contemplating it and the unnerving imagery appropriately shows my personal fear and anger toward the disease. . .” provided me with better understanding and insight into your piece.

    I then went back & really studied the drawing. Your interpretation represents well the continuing, painful and debilitating symptoms of this disease. In my opinion, your drawing evokes the depth of emotion which you speak of in the description of the illustration. At first glance I didn’t even see the third hand, as it was moving forward through the mist that that you described “. . coming from a dark abyss . .” Sure enough, there it was, hidden in plain sight the entire time. Bravo! You made me “feel” the art.

    Response by Sherrie Jones


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