The Relationship Between COPD and Congestive Heart Failure

The cardiovascular system and respiratory system are very closely connected and rely on each other heavily. Understanding how they are connected is one of the objectives for this course. I chose to dig deeper into this relationship through my steam project by comparing COPD and CHF. The art portion of …

Manufactured Cardiac Tissue

Manufacturing Cardiac Tissue

For my STEAM project I decided to take a deeper look into cardiac tissue. Through my research I found something that was super interesting. Scientists have made significant advancements in replacement heart tissue research over the past couple years. The art project I decided on was a replica of cardiac tissue with a bit of a twist. The cardiac tissue is broken up into puzzle pieces. I decided on this design because I believe in an abstract way, it represents my research beautifully. The cardiac tissue looks indiscernible from the real thing (or at least it is supposed to/would if I were an artist) except for the representation of puzzle pieces. This is used to show the viewer that it was manufactured and put together by scientist and did not occur naturally in the body.

Also, I am not sure why my picture is embedded as a link but i cannot seem to fix it.

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