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  1. Sophia’s piece covers the ever-so-common issue of tennis elbow. Tennis elbow is a disorder of the tendons due to a repetitive strain injury (textbook, section 4.3). This piece, and injury, is most common in tennis players who have to produce high levels of force in a repetitive motion. When one thinks about tennis the game is both complex and simple anatomically. If we zoom in on this injury, serving and returning places a consistent and high demand upon the elbow similarly. Thus, we get an overuse of the tendons in the elbow (and shoulder) that results in long-term wear and inflammation of the joint. This can also happen in any profession or activity with repetitive motion. Computer desk users can get this as can construction workers doing a significant amount of hammering or isometric squeezing of things in the field. In her piece, Sophia accurately shows the junction point of the elbow, which is a synovial hinge joint.

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