The abdominal harness – composed of the the rectus abdominis, three adductor groups,and the pubic symphysis – is a fantastic, complicated, pully system that acts as the force translator acorss the human body. All dependendant on one another, they steer and translate power between the upper and lower body. Unfortunately, injuries in this area oftentimes go misdiagnosed – leaving thousands to millions of people with chronic lower abdominal pain.

I unfortunately was one of those people and it was incredibly debhilitating – emotionally, atheletically, and physically.

So, this project has two parts:

1. A Model: An non-literal explaination of how the harness and the tissues come together. It is a pully system. And, not unlike a rope system, the ropes must pull as a unit.

2. A short film: the film provides a (very) interprative explanation of what having a misdiagnosed core muscle injury is like. It touches on elements of spirit death, being lost, and revival. Here is the link:

I’m titling it Kitsugi – the japanese artform of repairing pottery with gold. Surgical scars feel like that.

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