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  1. Jess Brunner has created a lovely piece of art, which I have named “Crimson Cascade”. She has artistically used acrylic and canvas to portray the essence of our life’s vital flow of blood through the mesmerizing interplay of colors, both red and blue! She was able to portray, using the medium of paint, how ischemia and atherosclerosis can disrupt the flow of blood and contribute to myocardial infarction.

    In this painting, the red represents the oxygenated blood flowing through the heart and the blue represents the deoxygenated blood. Against a brilliant backdrop of an Alaskan majestic mountain range, she creates cascading waterfalls. On the observed right side, we see a restricted “flow” of blood into the ocean or “heart”. Juxtaposed to the left side as we look at the painting, where there is ample flow and apparent life. One side is hinting at the possible blockages that disrupt the essential flow of “water” (blood), which can create myocardial infarction.

    At the center of the composition, lies a meticulously painted heart, surrounded by both dark and light veins. They serve as a metaphor for the intricate network of veins that sustains us, and their condition, is vital, as they hold the delicate balance between homeostasis and imbalance.

    Jess has skillfully invited her viewers to contemplate the interconnectedness of life, the beauty of its rhythms, like waterfalls, and the potential obstacles, like accumulated plaque and arteriosclerosis, that can disrupt its flow. Her essay and her artwork are a lovely blend of nature and how the blood flow to and from the heart will affect our life force. She ends the essay by reminding us of the responsibility that we all must take when it comes to eating a healthy diet, getting enough exercise, and taking good care of ourselves so that diseases of the heart are minimized.

    Alyssa Mcdonald

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