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  1. Myah’s STEAM project focuses on Lumbar Disc Herniation and Treatment Measures, specifically superior and lateral views of herniated disks. This project dives into the anatomy of intervertebral discs, emphasizing the causes and symptoms of lumbar disc herniation. Myah has effectively communicated complex medical concepts, detailing the degenerative processes and less common causes of disc herniation.

    The project’s strengths include a very comprehensive overview of diagnostic methods, from physical examinations to advanced imaging techniques such as X-rays and CT scans. The information about myelograms and spinal injections adds depth to the understanding of diagnostic procedures. This project explains non-severe injury treatments, such as physical therapy and medications, demonstrating a balanced approach to managing different degrees of disc herniation. For weaknesses, one area of improvement could be more detailed information about the creation process of Myah’s poster.

    Overall, Myah’s project is effectively interpreted through a visually impactful poster featuring superior and lateral views of a herniated disc. Including labeled vertebrae, which enhances its educational value, making the anatomical structures more accessible to a diverse audience. Myah has successfully created a visual tool to aid in teaching about herniated disks. Myah’s project excels in research, content delivery, and visual communication. This project combines scientific rigor with effective communication, making it a valuable educational resource.


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