My STEAM project is a breakdown of each type of epithelial tissue. I focused on a target audience of older teens/young adults who had not taken an anatomy class. I chose to color code because I found a lot of good research that shows that color coding can help people better understand a topic. For example, color coding can allow people to later recall information (similar to how studying a topic while chewing/sucking on gum or candy of a specific flavor, and then again on the test, can help you better recall the information). Research shows that colors that stand out against the background, as well as brighter, more vibrant colors, can allow you to recall information easier than just the traditional study methods.

My actual paper goes more in-depth on how color-coding helps, but my actual art project below demonstrates how it works. I picked similar colors to the paint colors (they aren’t perfect, I was on a budget). I also wrote my informational text in blue pen (though my handwriting is not the easiest to read) because blue pen also helps our brains remember information we’ve seen or written down better. I split the categories up similarly to the image in the textbook since that layout personally helped me back in the unit where we talked about cell structure.