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  1. First of all, I think it is a great project and a great idea behind it. I like the way you connected your scientific research with art.
    You covered multiple objectives, such as fractures, location of the bones, types of bones, part of the bones and their shapes.
    I think your essay was well-written. I learned a lot of new things after reading your research, like there are 8 different fractures associated with our skeletal system, or that the greenstick fracture is more likely to heal on its own, but sometimes a cast may be necessary.
    I liked how you structured your paper. You basically walked me through the whole subject from location of the bone, to fractures, to the healing process and to preventive measures.
    I also think the tree branch repair was a great analogy to greenstick fracture. I think the idea is to represent that just like a broken branch can heal if it stays connected to the tree, the human body also has the same ability to reconnect even with a fracture involved. It raises awareness associated with fractures and promotes the importance of preventive measures and the healing process.
    Good job on your project! Very beautiful art piece!

    Tina Nagornaya

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