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  1. Breanna’s project looks at the Achilles tendon, why it ruptures, and what treatments are available. When a rupture or tear occurs, the tendon either tears in half or it separates from the heel bone. This injury is most likely to occur two inches above the heel. Tears and ruptures of the Achilles tendon are known to occur more often in people performing sports like tennis, basketball, diving, and track due to the sports having sudden increases of stress on the tendons. It is also more common in people aged 30-50. There are several forms of treatment for the injury, including conservative or operative treatments. A conservative treatment is when the foot is placed in a cast in the planter flexion position for up to four weeks. There are three different options for operative treatments, which are percutaneous repair, mini-open, and open. The preference of the doctor does the type of operative treatment and each treatment comes with its own risks. It is unknown whether conservative treatment or operative treatment is more effective. The best way to avoid an Achilles tendon injury is to warm up properly and stretch the tendon before activity.

    Katie Nations

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