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  1. This project aims to cover the parts of the bone and shape. The project also aims to show the effects of osteopenia, osteoporosis when compared to healthy bone. The author paints colorful pictures of different bone structures such as the spinal column with healthy bone. The author then shows a painted abstract picture of bone with osteoporosis. Within the picture they have a side view of bone that has large areas missing, which would represent bone that has been broken down by overabundance of osteoclasts. The second drawing is another abstract drawing that shows bone with osteopenia. The painting shows that the long bone has been weakened by breakdown via the osteoclasts but not as severely. Lastly, there is a third photo that shows the spinal column severely curved for scoliosis, a mild case of scoliosis, and a healthy straight spine. This author does a fantastic job at showing the difference between healthy bone, osteopenia, and osteoporosis in their drawings.

    Caitlin Fujiwara

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