For this assignment I focused on the Unit 4 objective: compare and contrast different mammalian digestive systems. This project uses a classic game known as “Chutes and Ladders” to demonstrate the differences in the human digestive tract versus the cow digestive tract. The chutes are replaced with “tracts” to remake the game as “Tracts and Ladders”. The rules follow the same as the original game, if you land on a square with a digestive tract, you slide back to the square it ends on. This represents throwing up as you are moving back towards the mouth, rather than the end goal, the anus. There are 100 squares to get through and whoever reaches the goal first is the winner.

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  1. The project that Julie-Anne made focused on comparing and contrasting the human and cow digestive systems. Cows have four stomachs so they will process their food differently than humans. The project is a spinoff of chutes and ladders where if you land on a square with digestive tract, you move backwards as if you are going backwards in your system. This would be throwing up your food, or with cows, regurgitating their food to chew it again. Cows have a longer digestive tract than a human because of the fact that they have four separate stomachs and need to be regurgitating and redigesting their food. Humans simply eat their food once and digest it, unless they end up throwing their food up. Unlike cows, humans do not re-consume their regurgitated food, they will just eat different food because the acid in human’s stomachs should not be re-consumed.

    Kyleigh McArthur

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