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  1. Steam Project Peer Review for Jessica Scott by Aila Berrigan
    Jessica Scott did her Steam Project on Stages of Emphysema. From Jessica I learned the different stages of COPD. She indictests the first stage being above 80% airflow is healthy and she does so with a golden color referring to the region. Next she goes down the lungs showing the different leaves of airflow and groups them with darker and darker colors until she gets to the last stage of COPD which consists of less than 30% air flow. I really like how Jessic used the different colors to show what is unhealthy and not. We typically think of gold and brighter colors as healthy and when she gets into the red and black it we associate it with the unhealthy region. Jessica’s steam project definitely pertains to the chapter about respiratory illness and I really like how she furthered her knowledge on the respiratory system with a specific disease. I had no idea of the stages of emphysema before looking at her project so I really enjoyed viewing and peer reviewing it. Overall great job!

    aila r berrigan

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