Objective covered: Describe the 4 general layers of the digestive system and their function.

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  1. First I want to start out with I love this art piece, I am not creative at all and definitely don’t have an artist bone In my body but this was beautiful. In this art piece you can see how the body is all one and it reflects “we are what we eat”. In the essay written for this piece it mentions the gut brain axis, and how the four layers of the digestive system can influence it. The layer of the digestive system that directly correlates with the gut brain axis is the submucosal layer. This is made up of areolar tissue and holds lymphatic, blood and neural channels. It then goes on to talk about how our gut has its own neural network called the enteric nervous system. This is how our gut is connected to our brain through the nervous system in the gut. The essay then goes on to talk about how our microbiome can affect our stress and anxiety levels. The essay mentions Corticotropin releasing factor which when released will cause the release of stress hormone to the body, this is stimulated by the hypothalamus pituitary gland, which is connected to the central nervous system and leads back to the enteric nervous system. If our microbiome is disturbed then our stress levels will go up due to the balance being disturbed. I think the art piece really reflects what is trying to be said in this essay. The picture shows bright colors where the whole body is connected and I think that is exactly what the digestive system and the nervous system do to keep the body balanced and well.

    Meagan Cook

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