Brief description: For my STEAM project, the learning objective that I will be focusing on is describing how immunity can be acquired through passive and active means. Mr. and Mrs. Active Immunity represent, well, active immunity. We develop an active response after being exposed to pathogens (whether by getting sick or through vaccinations). When we come in contact with those same pathogens again later on in life, our body’s immune system will then trigger a response, producing antibodies to attack. Mr. and Mrs. Immunity in the picture are suppose to show that they have gained knowledge and experience in their respective fields, and now are able to use it to help themselves now that they are having a family of their own. Active immunity is lifelong, which is also represented in the project because Mr. and Mrs. Immunity are experts in their fields, so their knowledge is also lifelong. Their unborn baby, Passive Immunity, does not have to do anything but be born and receive the benefits of their parents experiences. Much like in passive immunity, it is acquired by one through another without having to develop immunity on their own. This is usually temporary, much like how babies and children will, in most cases, grow up and not need their parents anymore.