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  1. First all , I love your clay models ! Lucky I’ve never had broken a bone where i needed a plate inserted to help with healing , however, my husband has and a couple years ago he had the plate removed because it stated to make his arm hurt worse. From researching about avulsion fractures I know It happens by a fast and sudden change of direction. A piece of the bone that is attached to a ligament or a tendon breaks away from the main part of the bone. An article Cleveland clinic wrote said the healing process can take up to twelve weeks to fully heal. There are four stages a bone goes though till it’s fully healed. The first stage is hematoma , this is where the blood vessels tear and hemorrhage making the blood to clot at the site of the break. The second stage is bone generation, after a few days after the break capillaries grow into the hematoma, phagotcytic cells begin to clear away the dead cells. Fibroblast and osteoblast enter the area and begin to reform the bone.Fibroblast makes collagen fibers that connect the broken bone ends, while osteoblast start to form spongy bone. The third stage is bony callous formation , the fibrocartilaginous callus is converted into a bony callus of spongy bone. This stage takes about two months for the broken bone ends to be firmly joined together. The fouth stage is bone remodeling, the bony callus is remodeled by osteoblast and osteoclast. Compound bone is added to make bone tissue that is similar to the unbroken part of the bone. This can take many months and still the bone may remain uneven. My husband still has the plate that was inserted into his arm and a nice long scar from it.

    Kelsey Brown

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