Hi, I’m Gracy Culbert and for this STEAM project, I have made a digital art drawing of a tree and compared it to our nervous systems.

Course Objective: Comparing and contrasting the Central and Peripheral Nervous Systems.

This piece notes how the Central and Peripheral Nervous Systems are different by comparing the peripheral nervous system to the branches of a tree while the central nervous system is the trunk and roots. The branches cannot grow without a trunk to support them. If something were to happen to a branch and it fell off, the trunk would still be there. This is the same case for the Central and Peripheral Nervous Systems!

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  1. The class objective Grace covered in her steam project “A Very Nervous Tree” is “Comparing and contrasting the Central and Peripheral Nervous Systems.” She uses a digital art drawing of a tree to explain and compare how the central and peripheral nervous systems work together and how they would work – or not work – apart. She shows the central nervous system as the trunk of the tree and its roots highlighted in orange. The peripheral nervous system is represented as the branches of the tree highlighted in yellow. Grace describes how a tree without a trunk will not be able to survive, while a tree without a branch can. Similarly, the central nervous system can remain functioning without parts of the peripheral nervous system, while the peripheral nervous system can’t function without the central nervous system. This is represented in the drawing by showing a branch on the ground however the tree is still alive and thriving. In

    Helena Pedersen

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