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  1. I really like your commitment to this project, drawing something like this would not be easy but it looks great and you have a lot of information on your drawings! I also really like how you went through everything you labeled and explained the movement behind these elements and the compression as well. Something that I didn’t know and was very cool to learn was about the ilium sacrum joint that both females and males have but it is used to help child birth. This is especially interesting to me as I will be birthing my child in less than four months! I also think it is interesting that they possess this too although it does help with a job only females can do! I also learned that they are really stiff joints and they do not have as much movement as the spine does and when the joints loosen up it is very painful! Fusion of this joint is painful and it takes a long time to heal. When fusion is done screws are used as well as metal rods, as well as disks. Spine fusion is not something I knew much about before your project but I learned so much and how you explained the exact fusion process including shaving down bone is scary to hear but it was very clear and easy to understand how you explained it so I am very glad I got the chance to watch/listen to your STEAM project. The x-ray pictures were a very good touch to this project, I cannot believe what your spine looks like when it’s fused together! I also find it interesting to learn that when you are fused back together, after your healing process you should ideally be able to take out all of the metal, it is great that people are able to get this surgery if they need it and likely able to return to a semi normal life, you would never even know you had this surgery! I’m also sorry you had so many complications with your surgery, I cannot imagine but it is awesome that you’re now so educated on exactly what happened to your own back! Thank you for your project Frank. It was very interesting and I learned so much!

    Caitlyn Yancey

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