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  1. Hi Caitlyn Yancey, you did a really good job of illustrating how and why rheumatoid arthritis is painful in the hands and feet! The visuals of red between joints look irritated from bones rubbing together, swelling of the joint capsules, loss of cartilage, and bone erosion. It is evident that the excess synovial fluid is putting a lot of pressure on the bones and even forcing them out of alignment. It causes me to have an empathetic reaction when looking at this (ouch!) because it must be so painful to place any pressure on the affected feet or to use hands for gripping something. It would also make life very complicated with decision-making for doing daily things that most people would not even think about such as lifting a cup of water. I imagine rheumatoid arthritis would be very mentally exhausting, not just physically painful. Thank you for making a very clear, thoughtful image to show a glimpse into the life of someone suffering from these debilitating disease impacts. Best regards, Frank.

    Frank Boldt

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