This project was focused on the effects of squamous cell lung carcinoma caused by the smoking of tobacco. Canaar Charlie and I worked together to bake a cake that shows a healthy lung compared to a smoker’s lung with a tumor located by the airway. The right cancerous lung is discolored compared to the healthy right lung showing what may occur to a chronic smoker. The arrows represent the gas exchange throughout the organ while the red icing displays the bronchi and bronchioles with alveoli at each end.

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  1. My STEAM project partner, Ray’nell, baked a stunning replica of lungs that are entirely made of cake! Her focus for this creation was to depict the effects of squamous cell lung carcinoma caused primarily by smoking tobacco. The cake is intended to show a healthy lung on the left, compared to a smoker’s lung on the right. The cancerous lung seems to have a tumor located near their airway and the entire right lung is extremely discolored compared to the other. Ray’nell’s intention was to show what a chronic smoker’s habit can cause them and the detail she used to depict all physical features on the lungs was great. Along with adding arrows to represent the gas exchange of oxygen coming in and carbon dioxide coming out throughout the lungs, it seems that her red icing is placed to also display where the bronchi and bronchioles with alveoli at the end of each are located. This tumor is a very slow type of cancer that can sometimes spread to the lymph nodes if left untreated for too long. The tumor she added in the left, top corner of the right lung is smudged with icing to look like it is growing, which is perfect addition to what she wants to convey in her project. Her cake also does a great job making it look like the lung branches look more inflamed and irritated in the right lung, just how it would look in a smoker’s. She also sprinkled black frosting around in the lungs to depict the excess debris and plaque buildup that would most likely exist and be the cause for all the chronic smoker’s symptoms. I believe she overall did a great job, and it is obvious that she spared no detail for her STEAM creation.

    Olivia Kraska

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