My project is a short film about the pathway of blood. In this video, we have an UBER driver being forced to take carbon dioxide to all these different parts of “town” and after he drops off carbon dioxide he picks up oxygen, during his journey with oxygen, a blood clot stops them short until the UBER driver deals with the situation and they continue on their journey…

Special thanks to all the people involved in this production it wouldn’t be as fun to create without ya:

Petie Deveer: Uber Driver

Sarah Andreanoff: Carbon Dioxide

Audrey Eikenberry: Oxygen

Ethan Hack: Blood Clot/Random person “driving”

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  1. Cardiac carpool explained how oxygen and carbon dioxide are transported around the body in a comedic and creative way. The disease or condition associated with this STEAM project was a blood clot which was accurately portrayed by someone blocking the road the uber driver was transporting oxygen on (just like blood clots block arteries, arteries = the roads). Throughout the rest of the video, the blood clot made a brief appearance but did not interfere with the driver’s route which can happen in the body. The only confusion I had was where carbon dioxide got picked up from and dropped off as well as where oxygen was picked up. Oxygen is picked up from the lungs and taken to the tissues. The video only mentioned that oxygen wanted to go to the tissues. Otherwise, the “stops” it made around the body were spot on and I learned a few facts about circulation. I also learned about the complex route that carbon dioxide takes around the body

    Taiga Sherman

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