Abstract. A New Carcosa: A Short History is my attempt to not only create the Dungeons & Dragons supplement of the same name but reframe it in a better image. Like a lot of things from the Cold War, I do not think the original aged well. I have reframed Carcosa as an Atlantean-themed setting and made it biologically relevant by reimagining Atlantean denizens as Elf-mer with copper blood: copper blood of course being emblematic of the copper atom possessing hemocyanin respiratory pigment in some sea creatures. Its alone among its contemporary molecules for being the only in its group to not only exclude iron, but instead include copper and, as a substance, turn a distinct blue color when oxygenated. 

I have tried my best to hew close to the spirit of the original setting: an indivisible marriage between science fiction and fantasy, inevitably edgy, and still portraying Fae or otherworldly creatures as cruel.