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  1. Laura did her project on placenta previa. Placenta previa is a condition that affects the uterus where it covers the cervix blocking off the baby’s exit. She provided background to this condition as she explains where the name comes from and what it means. I learned that the word placenta comes from the Latin word cake. I also learned that the work Previa means “before” and “way”. She also provided diagnosis and cause as well which is how I found out that this condition id diagnosed through ultrasound and the cause of this condition is still unknown. The symptoms are clear and easy to understand. The risk factors are clear as well because they are bullet-pointed. Some risk factors include being over 35 years of age, smoking and drug use, as well as previous encounters with this condition. She shows an accurate and clear drawing of what a normal uterus and a uterus with placenta Previa looks like. She also shows the outside structure of the uterus that is labeled as well. These labels included the uterus, placenta, umbilical cord, and cervix. These drawings are able to clearly show the difference between a normal and abnormal uterus and can be understood even without explanation. I was able to further understand this condition with her clear titles that labeled further information. Her pictures also helped me a lot because of their clear color choices. Because of its clear and clean nature, I could definitely see this project on a poster that would bring awareness to this condition.

    Jenna Sager

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