The process of developing a whole baby inside of another human is very complex and unbelievable. The full development process for a full grown baby is in approximately nine months.  During the different stages of development most people start comparing the size of the unborn baby to different fruit or vegetables. Within twenty-four hours after fertilization the egg can become a zygote and from there a blastocyst, to embryo, and finally to a fetus. This is a visual representation of the comparison of the fetus to fruit and vegetables . The yellow inside all of the fruit and or vegetables is the fetus and as you go further in months the size and different developments change.

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  1. Comparing size of fetus to fruits is a great way to visualize their growth over a gestation period. The artwork chosen to demonstrate this exemplifies great paper quilling talent and understanding of fetal development. The idea to use paper quilling to make the fruits is very creative and unique and evident that lots of work went into making this. Most creative and impressive is representing the fetus (in the traditional fetal position) in yellow.

    Taiga Sherman

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