My Steam project is on Osteomyelitis which is inflammation of the bone and bone marrow due to infection. Pictured is a clay model that I made to represent a segment of long bone such as the femur that has undergone a fracture. the green clay represents infected tissue, yellow bone marrow, red blood vessels, white bone tissue, beige Periosteum, light brown soft tissue, dark brown epithelial tissue (skin). endosteum is not represented in picture. I’m not an artist at all. I promise this is supposed to be a bone.


  1. This project focuses on Osteomyelitis, which is caused by an infection somewhere in the body that has spread to the bone. The medium that Angel chose was to use clay to depict what a long bone looks like that is infected with Osteomyelitis. Included in the depiction are infected tissue (green), bone marrow (yellow), blood vessels (red), bone tissue (white), periosteum (beige), soft tissue (light brown), and epithelial tissue (dark brown). Endosteum is not represented in the model. Most osteomyelitis occurs in the vertebrae for adults and the metaphysis in kids. Around 70% of cases can be resolved by antibiotics, however, chronic cases usually result in surgery particularly amputation of the necrotic tissue. The objective of this project was to classify fractures, and I think that Angel did a good job doing that.

    Colten Brickel
  2. Ooo I just cared for a patient with osteomyelitis! It can be quite challenging to treat and depending on the situation can require mechanical debridement! Ouch

    Caitlin Moncrief

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