The objective for my steam project was to compare and contrast the function and structural characteristics of three different types of tissue and to describe the healing properties of each. The media I used was special effects makeup. I chose to add microscopic drawings of each type of tissue to compare the organ and the microscopic appearance. I described a surgical technique called skin grafting to explain how each type of tissue would help heal the wound.

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  1. For this project, Alice used special effects makeup to demonstrate the different types of tissue that would be grafted for a specific injury to the face. The objective she covered was to compare and contrast the functional and structural characteristics of three different types of tissue, along with describing the healing properties of each. She added drawings of how these tissues would look underneath a microscope as well. The different tissues shown are stratified squamous epithelium, CTP Loose Adipose, and blood. The would shown would require a skin graft because it passes through the epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous layers of the skin. The CTP loose adipose tissue(fatty tissue) can be seen. The skin for this graft would have been taken from the patient, and would be a full-thickness graft due to the severity of the injury. A procedure requiring a skin graft can have many risks involved, particularly infection or rejection. If proper procedure is not followed, the donor or recipient site could be infected. If a strong healthy area of skin is chosen, then the white blood cells within the graft could help prevent infection. If done properly, the different tissues would work together to efficiently heal the wound.

    TaborLee Montefu

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