For my steam project I looked at the physiology behind Intraosseous (IO) drug administration during medical emergencies. The objective from class that this project connected to is “Identify the 7 functions of bone”. In order to demonstrate how Intraosseous infusions work, I drew a diagram of an IO insertion in the right humeral head of a patient including an image showing the anatomy of the bone tissue.

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  1. I have enjoyed going over this stem project, mostly because I have learned about how to do IO’s on calls. I have learned that doing this is best on cardiac arrest patients because of how much it can hurt. The drawing is a great example of how the IO will look inside the bone, and how the veins, and artery’s will look. The IO is great to get on the patient even when there is a IV established to be able to push more medications through the body.

    Josh Barnett

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