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  1. My partner for this project is Ian Miller, and his project is on Essential Tremors. ET is one of the most common neurological disorders that is mainly seen by individuals who work in fields that are associated with neurology. Symptoms of ET are found in the arms, head, neck, voice(trunk), legs, feet, tongue, and any other sort of facial. The symptoms can range from mild and intermittent to severe and regularly occurring depending on the person. This specific disorder is described as progressive that’s associated with age and disease duration. The cause of ET is still unknown, but slow oscillation is involved. During slow oscillation, most of the neurons show periods of suprathresold depolarization. The depolarization periods are aossicated with barrages of synaptic inputs, while the silent periods show a marked withdrawal. The synaptic activity can have diverse effects on the ability of the cortical neurons to respond afferent inputs. The causes of slow oscillation is still being studied, but there are specific structural changes that can be indentifed in the brain of people with ET. Some examples of the changes that will occur is swelling of dendrites in the cerebellum, cell displacement, and swelling in the molecular layer of cell bodies. This paper was focused on the objectives of the Nervous System module. Ian’s project went into a deeper understanding of how neurons carry an electrical charge. For his project he made a visual simulation of the disturbance of the neurological communication. There are 3 images shown, and the 1st image is a picture of a spiral drawn by someone with ET. The 2nd image is a picture drawn by someone that doesn’t have ET. Lastly, the 3rd image is a picture of a spiral drawn by someone without ET, but the added variable simulated neuron transmission disruption which is stimulated by vibration. Overall, I think this is a great project, and before this I had no knowledge of Essential Tremors so I’m glad that I got to learn about.

    Sam Tolliver

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