My STEAM project shows the affects of Osteoporosis. I made a healthy and strong looking femur and then one that has osteoporosis. As you can see, the unhealthy version is much more pitted than the healthy femur and more prone to fractures.

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  1. This project brings up a lot of great points and information, of osteoporosis progresses. Osteoporosis affects everyone but is more common in ages 50+, which this project talks about. Also, the variety of factors that cause is described in the projects. Jacquelyn has done a great job of showing how the healthy and robust femur looks and how the same femur looks when affected by osteoporosis. People with type 1 & 2 diabetes are more at risk of having or getting osteoporosis than those without it. This disease is hard to treat and must be different causes during the day. Jacquelyn brings up an example from her family member who has osteoporosis which has made her daily life more complicated. This shows that the disease is severe and could solemnly affect people’s lives. As mentioned in the project, facing the disease for most of her life and breaking over ten bones could be challenging. Treatment can be challenging due to the variety of adverse effects, which can be effective but difficult to face. The best ways to prevent osteoporosis from happening are to have a healthy and well-balanced diet, consume enough vitamins, and limit alcohol and caffeine consumption.

    Gustavs Davis Grigals

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