This STEAM project examines what is happening when someone gets frostbite on the cellular level. I believed this would be interesting to learn about with our frigid climate here in Alaska and the information could prove useful for anyone who regularly works in the cold. The damage from frostbite can vary as you can see from the visual representations of the stages of frostbite which in the worse situation can lead to tissue death. The stages are labeled from least severe to most severe with a blank slate to represent undamaged skin and tissue.

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  1. Due to the freezing temperatures that we are exposed to in Alaska, we have to be aware of the dangers of frostbite. Quinn’s project looks at the different severities of frostbite. The blank cookie represents a hand that is unaffected by frostbite, therefore is a healthy hand. The other cookie hands are affected by frostbite. The first hand experiences irritation and numbness. The second hand is more serious where numbness is guaranteed and may be slightly damaged after warming the hands. The third hand is a visual representation of the hand experiencing severe frostbite. At this stage the tissue begins to stop working, turns black, and dies. The first and second hand can be treated with first aid measures, and will not have any lasting damage. The tissues will return to normal after the healing process takes its course. The third hand has surface tissue death as well as underlying tissue death which results in the blackened, hardened area. Immediate medical attention is needed to treat this severity of frostbite.

    Christian Bolton

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