My project for STEAM has to do with traumatic brain injuries. I chose to create a blog post adding my artwork to illustrate how injuries to the head can affect an individual. This blog post is an overview of the different types of damages an individual may encounter, whether mild, moderate, or severe. Anyone can fall victim to the short and long-term symptoms brought on by a direct injury to the head. I chose to go a bit more in-depth with what happens to the brain when injured and the different consequences following it. A youtube video is added at the end for those who want a quick, less in-depth overview of traumatic brain injuries, or also for those who, like me, can concentrate better through pictures.

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  1. You had a really interesting and insightful STEAM project, Dina. I learned a lot about traumatic brain injuries that I did not know before from your post. I played sports growing up and I have had a few concussions, so I have always understood the seriousness of head injuries but I didn’t know a ton about the more scientific details before reading your project. I did not know that there were three types of brain injuries. I like that you acknowledged and explained the different types of brain injuries and what differentiates them from each other and what similarities there are. It was interesting to learn how brain injuries not only impact someone physically but mentally and emotionally as well- sometimes for the rest of their life. Reading the information you provided and connecting it to what I learned throughout the summer in class was really interesting, especially in regards to nerves and axons.It is easy for me to forget just how closely everything in the body is connected and reading about things like brain injuries is a good reminder that pretty much everything influences each other in one way or another. I also appreciate your mentioning of the economic costs of a brain injury- it really emphasized the seriousness of brain injuries. After reading your project, I have become more aware about the importance of people knowing the things you explained about brain injuries in your piece. I think protection of the head and brain should be more emphasized in today’s society. I think we definitely do a lot better than we have in previous years but there is definitely still room for improvement.

    Katey Ann McMurrough

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