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  1. Johnathan created a PowerPoint that portrayed a brief overview of what we have covered in Anatomy and Physiology I this semester. He begins his project by going over ionic, covalent, and hydrogen bonds and how they are similar and how they vary. He then dives into acids and bases and how they play a vital role in reactions and compares and contrasts them.
    The second unit he covers is macromolecules and the cell. He displays a cell and the parts that make up a cell. He then continues to cover macromolecules and how their role is important for cellular components.
    Tissues is the subject of the third unit discussed. Johnathan goes on to explain the different types of tissues that are found throughout the human body.
    He then merges into the fourth unit of the course, the skeletal system. He shows all the bones that make up the skeletal system and the importance they play to the structure of the body. He also goes over the five main functions of the skeletal system and the vital role they play.
    The fifth unit covered muscles. Johnathan makes a point to focus on the importance of energy molecules in the cells and the anaerobic and aerobic exercise use.
    The last unit he discusses is the integumentary system. He talks about the components that make up the integumentary system and the image included details the different layers and parts of the system.
    Johnathan concludes his PowerPoint with a personal statement based on his overall feelings for the course. He managed to do a great job capturing and portraying many of the objectives that were taught throughout the class.

    Alexys Boone

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