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  1. The action potential during a seizure begins in the axon and was creatively and efficiently shown through the visual representation. The direction of action potential was clear and concise as well as cited sources in the paper to explain the facts and reasoning. The objective of explaining how neurons fire electrical charges is explained through both written and visual aids. Descriptions of the process in diagnosis and treatment are also clearly state with factually-based reasoning. There is also a secondary explanation of abnormal neurological research to back up the original objective as well. The secondary research is incorporated beautifully into the visual aid as well. Grammar and course vocabulary is well incorporated throughout the project. The addition of depth within the knowledge is clearly seen and correlated between the two sections of the project. The visual aid is accurately portrayed and the written portion is clearly identifying the objective between both portions. The citations are well incorporated and well chosen; however, the paper is not fully written in active voice. The written portion also contains many personal pronouns in reference to the writer. The content is all factually accurate and organized. The visual aid is well organized and appears to be made by a professional artist. Overall, all research is solid and cited. Format and content of both written and visual aids are beautifully done. The objective of explaining axon and neuron action potential is maintained through the entire project. The project is factual and wonderfully executed across all areas of expectation.

    Kaylee Jordan

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