My project is about the five different white blood cells within our body, and their individual functions. The 5 different types of WBC’s are: Neutrophils, Eosinophils, Basophils, Lymphocytes and Monocytes. The project that I created shows us their function within the body.

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  1. Jaden made a drawing that included all 5 types of white blood cells in action. Her project also included various types of pathogens that white blood cells can kill, and chemicals used by white blood cells, Jaden’s project and write up described the nature of each type of white blood cell as well as their functions. Neutrophils are the most prevalent wbc and can defend us from a wide range of pathogens. Eosinophils protect against larger pathogens such as malaria. They can emit peroxidase and neurotoxins to kill pathogens. Basophils are the white blood cells associated with our inflammatory response and produce histamine. Lymphocytes can be either B or T cells are the basis of our acquired immune response. Monocytes can detect pathogens and inflammation and release cytokines. This in turn will recruit other wbcs to areas of infection.

    Parker Stone

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