For this project I did a little digital comic/panel that explains parts of the lower respiratory system, specifically the bronchi and the trachea. It’s a short, simple explanation with comparing the trachea and bronchi to a tree in order to better grasp on how to identify them. I got inspiration for this from a friend playing this puzzle based video game, specifically where foliage was growing over a hand drawn picture of the lungs.

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  1. For her STEAM project this semester, Anastasia created a digital comic showing the bronchial tubes of the lungs. The comic demonstrates the structure of the bronchial tubes and their function as passageways for air. The comic relates the appearance of the trachea and the bronchial tubes to that of a tree and its roots because not only do the bronchial tubes coming off the trachea look like the roots coming off a tree, but also these structures are sometimes referred to as the bronchial tree. The comic explains about the movement of oxygen and how it travels through the bronchial tubes to the alveolar ducts and alveoli where gas exchange takes place. The bronchial tree comic also does a great job of illustrating the different lobes of the right and left lung and also the different sections of the bronchial tubes which are separated by size and given different names. The section that branches off of the trachea consists of the left and right bronchi. These bronchi then divide into smaller lobar bronchi which divide into smaller segmental bronchi. Anastasia explained that along with the trachea, the whole structure together is called the tracheobronchial tree. In her research, Anastasia found out that the trachea holds its shape thanks to hyaline cartilage and that the bronchi also have cartilage in their structure. This comic helps demonstrate the simple structure of the bronchial tubes, but also stresses that they are a very important part of the respiratory system.

    Mallory Presler

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