The exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the lungs.

I have chosen to make an edible representation of the act of respiration with a cake. The orange skittles are alveoli, with blue sprinkles flowing in one direction to show the intake of oxygen headed towards the alveoli, and the green sprinkles represent carbon dioxide headed out of the alveoli to be exhaled from the lungs.

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  1. This STEAM Project by Allison M. was on the action of respiration and its necessity to life.
    We breathe in (inspiration) and out (expiration) by means of involuntary action, because of its importance to life. In this process which happens at the lung, oxygen enters into the alveoli, and because of high concentration of oxygen in the lungs/alveoli but low concentration of oxygen in the blood, the oxygen diffuses through to deliver this needed gas to the cells that require it. The same thing happens but in reverse for carbon dioxide. A high concentration of carbon dioxide in the bloodstream (from tissue waste) but low concentrations of carbon dioxide in the alveoli, causes carbon dioxide to flood into lungs, where it is breathed out. These are all actions that make up respiration, one of the most important parts of life.

    Sierra Vanderslice

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