For my steam project I chose to do the major stages of fetal development. Beginning with the germinal stage that starts off the pregnancy and most woman do not even know they are pregnant. As the egg does mitosis and splits into many many cells and travels through the fallopian tube. Half of the cells however do not make it all the way. At the end of the germinal stage the cells reach the uterus and that is when implantation takes place. Implantation is not always successful since most woman have no idea they are pregnant they continue with unhealthy activities that could disrupt implantation from being successful. The embryonic stage is when the zygotes turn into an embryo. All of the cells formed in the germinal stage from mitosis comes together and forms the skin, organs and brains. Finally the fetal stage is when blob starts to finally look like a baby. The head, arms, legs, ears, eyes, nose, ears, central nervous and brain starts to form. In the fetal stage the baby starts to prepare for life outside the womb with building muscles to breath and gaining weight.

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  1. This is really great Jordan! I really love how you used your steam project to portray the stages of fetal development. I’m unsure what material is being used for this but whatever it is, I think that you did a great job of showing the germinal, embryonic, and fetal stage as well as portraying the progression of the stages. I think that the cohesion of the materials, and similar color palette lends to the communication of the factors that add to this communication. I appreciate the detailing of the 0-2 weeks at germinal, 3-8 weeks at embryonic, and 9 weeks- to birth at fetal to give a timeline of the fetal development. As a note, I also think that differing the different cells in the germinal stage helps add to the communication of the content of fetal development as its different shades of red differentiate them yet communicate that they are from the same batch of cells. All in all, I believe that the use of the materials and color cohesion with the color palette really adds to this steam project and portrays the stages of fetal development well in a clear and creative way so that anyone can understand and appreciate it. The only issue I would say that I have with this project is that there could have been a better use of labeling as I had to look at the notes to understand what the different stages entailed in fetal development. Other than that I think that you did a great job!

    Chana Stern

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